WebCamera Plus features

Use your PDA/Smartphone as webcam, FTP-camera and microphone with unique application - WebCamera Plus!

WebCamera Plus key features:

- Transforms your PDA or Smartphone to high-resolution web-camera.
- Use your PDA/Smartphone as microphone!
Even through Wi-Fi!
- FTP-Camera feature. Transmit pictures directly from device on your FTP server.
- You and your friend can see in any browser what picture transmit FTP-camera in real time from any place.
- Can work through any connection: USB ActiveSync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, LAN, WiMAX.
- Compatible with almost all modern Smartphones and PDAs (Windows Mobile 6.5 included!).
- Can be used as web-camera in many programs: Skype, MSN Messager, Yahoo Messager, ICQ, Virtual Dub and many others.
- Can capture device screen and transmit video to Desktop PC.
- WebCamera Plus support English, Russian, German, Turkish, Norwegian, Romanian, Italian, French, Czech, Greek, Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish languages.
- You can download last version of WebCamera Plus here.
WebCam Plus interface
WebCam Plus interface

How WebCamera Plus is working

WebCam Plus in work
How WebCamera Plus is working

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